Yemen Sanaa - 2016

This month’s edition of Yemen Strategic Brief includes:

  • The Supreme Political Council (SPC) moves slowly
  • President Hadi orders government back to Aden
  • A declaration of economic war
  • Significance of soldiers’ salaries
  • Coalition prepares its offensive against Sana’a
  • Fighting on the Saudi border
  • At least 10,000 people have been killed
  • AQAP and Islamic State retreat but remain dangerous

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Yemen War Continues: no prospect of peace talks resuming soon

Despite considerable activity by the US government and the UN Envoy, Ismail Ould Shaikh Ahmed, there is no prospect of any immediate resumption of the peace negotiations. An attempt to break the deadlock — by hinting at concessions over the presidency and over the exact choreography of the various moves required under the existing UN plan — failed although efforts have continued. These have mainly been in Muscat where the Huthi/ Saleh delegation were stuck awaiting coalition clearance for a flight to take it to Sana’a. Both sides are hardening their positions and making moves that will prolong the war for another few months. This could lead to the separation of the country into at least two parts and it is the ordinary people that will suffer.