Menas' Iran capabilities

Menas Associates has been providing actionable intelligence for multinational companies operating in Iran for over thirty years.

Iran Capabilities

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We are a strategic and political risk consultancy providing actionable intelligence for multinational companies operating in the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets.


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Established in 1978, Menas is based in London and works with in-country experts and specialists who have strong country connections to ensure that its information and analysis is based on real ‘on the ground’ knowledge.




We at Menas Associates want to connect you directly with our trusted sources. That’s a mark of our pride in their work, and our commitment to openness with our clients.


Re-engaging the Iranian market

Menas’ Iran team has written the ‘Re-engaging the Iranian market’ report to tell you what you need to know about the country’s economic environment, as well as working through clear strategies to enter specific sectors.

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We offer three types of product, which work together to help companies at every stage of their business.


Our electronic publications explain and interpret the key political, economic and security issues in the Middle East, Africa, and the wider Caspian region. They draw on the unique country expertise and experience of our established network of external and in-house consultants.




We provide a range of consulting services to assist private and public sector clients in achieving their objectives in emerging markets around the world. Our experience includes market entry strategy, due diligence, and stakeholder analysis as well as social and political risk advice, among other forms of consultancy.



Ask our Experts

‘Ask our Experts’ offers clients confidential telephone calls with experienced country experts, or private written reports. In a personal and flexible way, these explain developments in specific countries or sectors, assess their implications, and offer an informed sounding board to test and develop ideas.

Ask our Experts


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What our clients say about us:

‘My colleagues and I have used Menas Associates to assist with decision making: in my case international business development in the downstream sector. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from their diversity of thought and objectivity. Their experience and approachability is reassuring, and their global network capability is simply awesome.’

John Digby

Former President of Chevron Global Aviation and President Chevron Petroleum India, currently Director Saffron Star International Ltd

‘I have worked with the Menas team both as a consultant and client and so can personally vouch for the exceptional professionalism Menas brings to any project, from both sides of the table. I would highly recommend Menas to any organisation needing an insightful and exclusive perspective on the countries where they do business. They know their stuff.’

Krysta De Lima

General Counsel, NextDecade

‘OMV has used Menas to provide analysis for a number of countries on various occasions. OMV Libya used Menas’ specialist services to carry out a political scenario planning exercise for the country in 2015 in order to reflect on possible outcomes of the current situation, as well as to understand better the drivers that have an impact on political developments. Menas’ expert presented and discussed the analysis with the OMV team via video-conference; the exercise was very useful for OMV, and I was highly satisfied with the quality of the report and the discussion.’

Peter Seitinger

General Manager, OMV

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