Re-engaging the Iranian market

Menas Associates was one of the only consultancies to maintain its focus on Iran throughout the period of sanctions, and that leaves us best placed to now help companies looking to return.

The nuclear deal with Iran has been implemented, and a wide range of related sanctions have been removed. Parties to the nuclear diplomacy want Iran to feel the economic benefits of its reconciliation with the world, so that it has a materiel incentive to continue its compliance with the deal. Likewise, companies of all sizes find in Iran a diverse and populous economy that is hungry for investment after decades of deprivation.

This report, ‘Re-engaging the Iranian market’, is our comprehensive guide for those considering doing business with Iran. It provides an overview of Iran’s economic and legal environment, while explaining the political context. The dynamics of individual sectors are explained, as well as the key individuals and institutions working within them on the Iranian side. Using the experience of our work and contributors within Iran, our guide also offers specific advice for the best ways in which to profitably enter particular business arrangements.

We’re offering ‘The New Corporate Owners of Iran’ and ‘Re-engaging the Iranian Market’ for £5,000

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Helping clients with their first looks, ‘Re-engaging the Iranian market’ works in conjunction with telephone consultancy calls that we offer with our Iran team and the Iran Strategic Focus publication that we have been producing to explain developments in the country for almost thirty years.

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This Multi-Client Report is a unique resource, and purchasers will benefit from the full support of Menas’ Iran team and its decades of experience in analysing the Islamic Republic. It is available to Menas subscribers for £2,500 and to non-subscribers for £3,000.