Turkey Breakfast Briefing: current challenges and future possibilities


These slides formed the basis of an hour-long briefing by Ziya Meral on 25 May 2016. 

Preview of the video-slideshow:


In particular the presentation addressed an overview of complexities of a country that is often confusing for the outsiders, as well as some scenarios for its future.


The following text sets the context in which the briefing was given. 

Turkey is facing unprecedented domestic and regional challenges. These range from: deteriorating security conditions; difficulties responding to changes in its immediate neighbourhood;  as well as the domestic political uncertainty as the AKP government seems set on pursuing a presidential system and silencing opposition.

Beyond the headlines, a complex web of factors has created a perfect storm which has derailed the country’s promising developments and stability between 2002-2011.

Now, Turkey is often chastised by its international allies for its democratic lapse, but it is also seen as a sine qua non partner for addressing a wide range of issues facing Europe.

All these factors raise serious questions about Turkey’s future direction and the consequent implications both for foreign policy-makers as well as investors who have a stake in the country’s future.


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