Podcast: Argentina – is there a boom after the bust?



These audio and slides are from the basis of ‘Argentina: is there a boom after the bust?’ a 1 hour long briefing by Andrew Thompson and Stuart Culverhouse on 25 July 2019.

Some of the areas the presentation addressed, were:

  • The latest developments and alliances in the political campaign running up to the October/November elections
  • Argentina’s recent history of booms and busts
  • Opportunities in agro-industry, mining, and shale gas
  • 2019-2013 investment scenarios and risks for the next government
  • Investment climate


The following text sets the context in which the briefing was given. 

For more than a year Argentina has been hit by an apparently relentless run on the currency, persistent high inflation, and a sharp recession. Despite financial support from the IMF, this toxic economic cocktail could destroy a re-election bid by the incumbent and market friendly President, Mauricio Macri. The October/November election could see the country once more swing in a populist/nationalist direction with the return of former President Cristina Fernández. The risks are real but so too are scenarios in which market friendly policies are repositioned and create major opportunities for multinational companies in mining, agro-industry, shale oil and gas, and other sectors.


Andrew Thompson — born in Uruguay and partly brought up in Argentina and Brazil — is a journalist and economic analyst on Latin America. He has been a foreign correspondent in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico for Times, Guardian, BBC and others. He worked as a BBC producer/reporter and was head of the its Latin American service. He now works as a freelance analyst and consultant and writes for a number of outlets including the EIU and Latin News. He is an Associate Fellow at Canning House.

Stuart Culverhouse — is the Chief Economist and Global Head of Fixed Income Research at Tellimer. He joined the company (formerly known as Exotix) in 2006 after ten years in the UK Government Economic Service, where he worked in HM Treasury and the UK’s export credit agency. He is a recognised expert in developing markets and sovereign debt restructuring, with 20 years emerging markets’ experience, and his geographical coverage includes Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub Sahara Africa and Eastern Europe. He has an MSc in Economics from Southampton University and previously worked at Goldman Sachs (London).


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