Iran – what’s next?


These audio and slides are from the basis of an hour-long briefing by Bijan Khajehpour on 30 May 2017.

Preview of the video-slideshow:

In particular the presentation addressed:

  • The Iranian elections – an overview
  • Rohani and the reformists over the next 4 years
  • International relations with Iran
  • Key economic growth areas
  • Burgeoning business sectors requiring foreign direct investment



Bijan Khajehpour — Menas Associates’ principal Iran expert and Senior Associate, is also the editor of our Iran Strategic Focus report, which has been published every month since 1988, making it the longest running English language report on Iran.

Bijan is also Managing Partner at Atieh International, the Vienna based international arm of the Atieh Group of companies, which are a Tehran-based strategic consulting firms that was co-founded by Bijan in 1994.

Bijan has been instrumental in advising international companies on their Iran strategy and is also a frequent speaker at international conferences on Iran and the Middle East.

Bijan completed his graduate studies on management and economy in Germany and the UK and his Doctorate of business administration at the International School of Management, Paris


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