Breakfast Briefing: Explaining Egypt, its Economy, and Outlook


These audio and slides are from the basis of an hour-long briefing by Angus Blair on 27 June 2017.

Preview of the video-slideshow:

In particular the presentation addressed:

  • The restructuring of the Egyptian economy since 2016, including the flotation of the Egyptian Pound
  • The more likely economic reforms in the next two to three years
  • The challenges for the government, including excessive population growth and high rates of inflation
  • The economic and political outlook
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The following text sets the context in which the briefing was given. 

In the six years since the January 2011 uprising, Egypt’s economy has continued to underperform. However, since the long-needed flotation of the Egyptian Pound in November 2016, there has been a resurgence of interest from both direct and indirect investors. We shall review: the restructuring that has undertaken so far; the likely areas for reform; and the challenges faced by the Egyptian government as it seeks to revive investment and economic growth.


Angus Blair — Menas Associates’ lead Egypt consultant, and author of our Egypt Politics & Security publication.

He began his career with a distinguished period in the City of London before working in the financial services sector of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Angus founded and manages a leading Cairo-based financial consultancy company, and is the COO of a local investment bank.

Previously, he has been head of equities and later also of sales and trading, for a number of emerging markets and ING Barings and the ABN AMRO, based in London. He headed the team which started the first coverage of the Arab stock markets by a global investment bank.


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