Breakfast Briefing: The ANC’s December 2017 Elective Conference and the Future of South Africa


These audio and slides are from the basis of an hour-long briefing on 18 January 2018.

In particular the presentation addressed:

  • The outcome of ANC’s December 2017 elective conference
  • What this means for both the party and South Africa going forward
  • The road to the 2019 elections
  • Key policy directives, and their implications for investors


The following text sets the context in which the briefing was given. 

The ANC’s 54th elective conference — which took place on 16-20 December in Gauteng — was a crucial one and arguably one of the most significant in the organisation’s history. Not only does the future of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC hang in the balance, but the conference also saw the emergence of a number of policy directives, that provided key insights into how the ANC intends to govern the country going forward.


Sarah Lockwood is the South Africa consultant for Menas Associates Ask our Experts service, and a PhD Candidate and Presidential Scholar at Harvard University. Her research focuses on government accountability and political protest in post-apartheid South Africa, and she has also worked extensively as a journalist in the region.


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