BB Rewind China 2019

China’s economy is at an inflection point. While it can hardly cease to grow, it is a key global growth driver and its faltering will continue to impact on the global economy.

On the domestic side, the need for market reform is back in fashion while state-owned enterprises remain dominant. President Xi Jinping’s main policy directions fall under three broad categories: poverty alleviation; pollution control; and the management of financial risk.  

Meanwhile, the overseas message talks up foreign investment, including the Belt and Road initiative and breaking new ground in Europe.

Menas Associates recently held its ‘China: whither growth in 2019?‘ event with our new co-hosts Eversheds Sutherland. The expert, Philippa Jones from Beijing-based China Policy, addressed several key areas:

  • The annual work report assessment
  • Where are the new growth drivers?
  • Where are long-term growth drivers?
  • What is the future of traditional industry?
  • Can technology drive China?

If you are interested in the content, you can purchase the podcast for as little as £25 here.

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