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Sahel Podcast

Jeremy Keenan, Menas' Sahel expert, recently spoke at the ISOA-SCEG Stabilization and Security Conference on the political and security risks in the Sahel. From Mauritania to Sudan, Algeria to Burkina Faso, the vast Sahel covers an area that is almost as large as...

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The dismantling of Bouteflikism

Army Chief of Staff General Ahmed Gaïd Salah's moves against opposition political parties in will only inflame the tensions between the army and the large scale weekly demonstrations The move to arrest former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s powerful younger brother...

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South Africans head to the polls

South Africans will head to the polls on 8 May to vote in the national and provincial elections South Africans will head to the polls next week to vote during the national and provincial elections, all amid a context of increased political uncertainty for the ruling...

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