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Reform of Algerian hydrocarbon law

Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has stressed that if Algeria wants to attract the necessary investment to significantly boost oil and gas — and especially shale gas — production then it must revise Algerian hydrocarbon law. He said it was essential to rewrite the...

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Egypt’s new capital city

Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail, announced on 23 September that state institutions will be headquartered in Egypt's new capital city, to the east of Cairo, by the end of 2018. In what is, by Egyptian standards, an exceptionally ambitious programme to move ministries and...

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New US air-strikes in the Sirte Basin

Islamic State (IS) cells in the Sirte Basin have become increasingly brazen in the last few months. After high-profile attacks on checkpoints manned by the self-styled local Libyan National Army (LNA), all of Libya’s major factions agree that something should be done...

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