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Mexico’s thriving fuel theft industry

Mexico's fuel theft continues to thrive and has increased undeterred each year since the criminal gangs first started tapping into the fuel pipeline network belong to state-owned Pemex, which crosses largely uninhabited areas of the country, in 2006. The number of...

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Possible cabinet changes in Algeria

There has been considerable media speculation over a likely cabinet reshuffle in the autumn, with even the replacement of Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia being given serious discussion. But in light of the recent and extensive changes in the security forces, the general...

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Iran-EU efforts to save the JCPOA

Ever since the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran and the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal have tried to devise strategies to sustain the accord and immunise their trade and transactions from US pressure. Politicians on...

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