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01 APR 2009
Tripoli tightens rules on use of local contracting and supply firms

Private local content providers have only been legal in Libya for a little over a decade. In the mid-90s, the Jamahiriya began its long trek back from international isolation. It also passed laws allowing the establishment of private companies. But it is only in the past five or six years that Libyan entrepreneurs have set up a large number of companies in every sector.

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  • 23 MAR 2009
    New local content requirements for Libya

    More than 30 international companies attended a meeting by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) at the end of February to discuss requirements that they should establish Libyan operations to qualify for oil and gas engineering contracts (see Libya Focus, February 2009, 10).

  • 25 JUL 2008
    NOC insists that deputy-chairmen must be Libyan

  • 01 OCT 2007
    South Korea Expands Initiatives for African Investment

    South Korea's energy ministry has proposed increased tax breaks for domestic firms investing in African energy projects.

  • 29 MAY 2007
    BP pledges $100 million on Libya training

    BP has announced, May 29, that it has signed a major exploration and production agreement with Libya's National Oil Company (NOC), as part of which it has reserved some $100 million for training of Libyan professionals