A view of the Libyan Sahara

Libya Focus stands back to take a longer look, as both war and peace negotiations combine to define the future of the country.

Writing once a month, our author not only offers a review of developments but interprets them to answer the bigger questions:

- Whether Libya will descend  deeper into civil war.

- Whether it can again become united under a single government.

- Whether there will be further international intervention.

- Whether the country’s vital oil sector will be able to recover.

A monthly perspective allows the most important trends to be extracted from the ambiguity of the situation on the ground, as Islamist extremists – some affiliated to the Islamic State group – establish a notable foothold, and the Libyan economy sinks into a budget deficit and severe social hardship from which it will struggle to recover without help.

With the country split between two rival parliaments, both seeking to gain legitimacy and establish their authority on the ground, Libya Focus assesses the implications of a continuing struggle. But the country which emerges from the conflict will require extensive international investment, and our author points to the opportunities which may exist for the companies now waiting and watching Libya grapple with this crucial moment in its history.

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For a summary of developments in the county, see Libya overview

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