Libyan flag flying high over Tripoli

Despite the initial optimism, Libya remains in disarray three years on from the 2011 revolution which overthrew Colonel Muammar Qadhafi. The Prime Minister fled the country; the General National Congress' mandate has expired; the combination of the federalists' blockade of oil export terminals and ongoing oil field protests have crippled oil exports and government finances; and there is an assassination campaign focused on Benghazi and the east. Libya’s post-2011 political, economic and operating risks are at an all-time high and, as state institutions and the security situation weaken, there is even greater need for reliable independent analysis.

Libya Focus is our flagship monthly publication tailored to suit international investors who need cutting-edge analysis and strategic forecasting in order to support their business. Each issue provides detailed and objective insights on a wide range of political, economic and social issues, including the survival of the beleaguered GNC, the constitutional road-map and the security of Libya’s energy infrastructure. 

Libya's continuously shifting policies regarding international investors mean it is imperative for those working in the region to keep ahead of changes in order to make financially viable decisions. Whether you are a multinational company settling back into Libya or a new operator looking to enter this challenging but potentially lucrative market, Libya Focus is a valuable addition to your decision-making process. 

Supported by analysts and in-country sources, Libya Focus is edited by a leading expert on Libyan political and energy issues enabling us to deliver top-level insight and expertise. Drawing on years of experience, Menas Associates believes that it is imperative to look beyond conventional news reportage in order to understand the complex issues and developments taking place in Libya and the region as a whole.

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